Eddie Pepitone: For the Masses
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Eddie Pepitone performed his latest special in Los Angeles at The Dynasty Typewriter.
It’s a call for Revolution, as well as a deeply cathartic cry for help.

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About Eddie Pepitone

The Bitter Buddha, pictured.

They call him the Bitter Buddha, comedian Eddie Pepitone is a master of the dark art of comedy. Hailed as a modern day cross between Jackie Gleason, Don Rickles and Eckart Tolle.

Eddie is a force of nature on stage, switching between social rage and self-doubt. His shows are an energetic combo of calm and chaos, blue-collar angst and sardonic enlightenment. Few comedians working today channel the power of the rant better than Eddie Pepitone.

In addition to his regular stand-up shows, Eddie is stand-out comic/character actor. Beginning in New York City’s improv/sketch scene (where he quickly became a regular face), and continuing on to recurring roles on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Eddie has also appeared on numerous comedy TV shows, including The Life and Times of Tim, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Sarah Silverman Program, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Last Comic Standing, and Chappelle’s Show. Fans also might recognize Pepitone from his role in the hit comedy Old School or from his multiple award-winning short, Runyon: Just Above Sunset, co-written by Karen Simmons.

Nowadays Eddie can frequently be found on his must-follow Twitter, hosting the popular comedy podcast Pep Talks, and writing/appearing in the hit web series: Puddin’.

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In Ruins

Comedic force of nature Eddie Pepitone delivers a rage-fueled performance in Brooklyn, where he discusses the perils of being a male model, speaking to his dog like his therapist, and the death of the American Dream.

The Bitter Buddha

For a few decades, Eddie Pepitone has proven to be a startling force in the alt-comedy scene. Within “The Bitter Buddha” we follow Eddie as he deals with a middle-age career surge, while struggling with self-doubt, sobriety, and a challenging family history.

A Great Stillness

If you want to stave off suffering, one glorious CD full of directness, short-lived cause commitment (he, too, can be an ardent vegan for 20 minutes if he gets too bored on Netflix), and great Tweets from history might just be the thing.

Runyon: Just Above Sunset

Eddie’s multiple award-winning short film is now available to own!

In this spoof of every “Everest” documentary ever made, Eddie Pepitone finds his true mission: To summit to the top of Runyon Canyon, and sit in the famed “chair.” that overlooks all of Los Angeles. Co-written by Karen Simmons.

The Long Shot Podcast – SEASON 1

Download season 1 of the acclaimed podcast starring Eddie Pepitone, Sean Conroy, Amber Kenny, and Jamie Flam! Includes two hours of previously-unreleased material and guest appearances from Jen Kirkman, Dave Holmes, Andy Daly, Ron Lynch, Jason Nash, Paul Sheer, Tig Notaro, Marc Maron, Steve Agee, Josh Haness, and Josh Weinstein!


The debut album from Eddie Pepitone, THE BIG PUSH – now available to stream!

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